ByM Aerial photography Ltd are a company run by photographers with many decades of experience in several photographic sectors.

There are many operators on the market and most of them coming from all different backgrounds , but as we keep saying, once we sent our machines in the air…we all are just photographers.That is where  we make a difference with the competition .

We also offer also a photography and videography service  from the ground.

To operate commercially in the UK we have to carry out intensive training, complete exams and submit a detailed Operations Manual to the Civil Aviation Authority. With our permission for Commercial Operations (CAA No: 1655), combined with UAPQ-s7 pilots qualification, we have freedom to operate throughout the UK.

We are fully insured including liability to third parties up to (£2,000,000) The UK legislation is very clear and the CAA is leading the world in the integration of unmanned aircraft into civilian airspace. We must have the land-owner’s permission, and respect limitations, such as flying near very large crowds, in built up areas of cities or above 400 feet.

Bym as DJi Drone aerial phortography videography

pfco 1655 issued by CAA


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