Pre-Flight Survey

Once on the site, on the day of the task, a further investigation is needed in order to take in consideration local potential hazards.

  • Actual weather conditions
  • 1. Dry weather conditions with good level of visibility is an absolute condition
  • 2. Flights in known icing conditions should be avoided
  • 3. Maximum wind speed of 8 m/s (approx. 18mph)
  • Buildings and other obstacles
  • Suitability of take off/Landing area and Animal, Crowd management

We carry cordon and signage equipment to help maintain a safe operating environment and when possible use observer(s) to monitor the environment during flights.

  • Factors that could impede a clear Visual Line of Sight with the aircraft
  • General Risk assessment and its mitigation

The Flight

ByM Aerial Photography operate under the conditions laid out in CAP 722 by the Civil Aviation authority within the UK.

Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) operations are up to a maximum distance of 500 mt horizontally (1km radius) and 400ft (120 mt) vertically from the Remote Pilot.

Flight times are typically around 10-20 minutes per battery set. These times may seem short, but with good planning, a lot can be achieved and we always carry plenty of batteries.


Photo and videos will be supplied to the client in the format agreed within 48 hours from the completion of the Job.

Unless a buyout of footage is agreed, ByM Aerial photography Ltd retains the copyright of all filming content. The client purchasing the service of ByM Aerial photography Ltd will get full User’s License.

Naturally we are proud of our work and we will be asking for the right to use ANY of your footage for our promotion, whether this be inclusion on our show reel for PR purposes to promote ByM Aerial photography

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